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Detailed Information About Registration Procedures
In Burkon Online Congress System, you need to fill in the registration form on the side and become a member of the system. After your form reaches us, you will receive an e-mail to your registered e-mail address that your membership application has been received. You can log in to the Burkon Online Congress System after our authorized registration personnel have checked your payment and authorized you to enter the system.

After the Registration Procedures; There will be no area that you cannot reach in the online congress system. The links to the meeting on the scientific program, the company representatives of our sponsor companies participating in our online congress and the interactive areas where you will meet with our other participants will be open to you..

When you log in to the system, it will not be possible to log in even if your information has been captured by someone else. Each membership has only one connection authorization at a time. If you think your information is being used by someone else, please contact our registration staff.

If you want to make a change to the e-mail address you log in to the system, our registration staff or technical support team can help you. You can update your other registration information from the My Information section in the top right corner of the system.

Register Form

Registration Fees
Early Bird Registration Before 15 August 2021 Onsite Registration From 15 August 2021
Delegate Registration Fee (Authors) 90 Euro inc. VAT 110 Euro inc. VAT
Student Registration Fee (Master and PhD) 55 Euro inc. VAT 65 Euro inc. VAT
Reduced registration fee for delegates from Lower & Lower Middle & Upper-Middle income countries 45 Euro 55 Euro
Registration fee for delegates from Türkiye (Authors) 200 TL 250 TL
Registration fee for students (Master and PhD) from Türkiye 125 TL 175 TL
Company representative 150 TL 200 TL
  • 8% VAT is not included for registration fees

Delegates who selects Author and Student (Master and Phd) must submit a proof on registration

Reduced lower registration fees are applied to delegates attending from Lower and Lower middle income countries as listed in World Bank List

For more detailed information please refer to Registration fee includes and Registration Terms and Conditions given below.

Registration Fees Include:

  • Participation in scientific activities, introduction to stands areas
  • Congress Participant Certificate

Registration Terms and Conditions:

  • An author is allowed to present at most two papers.
  • All participants wishing to participate in the congress need to pay the congress participation fee.
  • Post-graduate and undergraduate students are required to submit newly dated student documents.

Delegate Information

Place of Employment
Postal Address
Mobile Phone

Payment Information

Credit Card Money Transfer
Total Fee (Euro)
Total Fee (TL)
Exchange Rate
Total Payment Fee (TL)
TL Please charge my credit card
  • Installment is available just for Turkish Akbank credit cards. Installment is 3% of the difference.
  • Please select Payment In Advance With Credit Card for your other cards
Amount of money above has been paid into the bank account which is below the date

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