Registered users can obtain their online certificates through the system in our Burkon online congress system since the approval of the organizing board. You can get online certificates from the certificate area in the main lobby or from the "Certificate" button under the Online section in the top menu. If the certificates have not started to be distributed yet, or if the user is logging into the system as a Guest and browsing yet, a warning and a sample certificate to log in is as follows. Members who have completed the registration process can access the Certificate page as follows, as soon as they log into the system with the "Login" button on the upper right. On the left of our certificate page, you can find the information of our personnel responsible for Certificates and you can see the information that you will contact him in case of problems. On the right, you can see the certificates that people can download according to their status.

Which certificates the participants should obtain is determined by the Registration desk staff. If the participants attend paid courses, special course certificates can only be given to those participants. In the system, many certificates can be sent, including participant, speaker, moderator and course certificate. For questions about your certificates, you can contact our certificate staff on the left.

It is not possible to obtain another registered user's certificate or make changes through the system. You can get your certificates from the system multiple times.
You can print your certificate from a printer that is assigned to your computer with the PRINT button on the certificate that comes visually in the certificate email sent to your e-mail address. Or, you can save the PDF output of the certificate to your computer with the Save as PDF option in the print section. Since there is a busy e-mail sending especially during the congress, if you do not receive your certificate in your e-mail box after you request your certificate, we kindly ask you to check the SPAM, IMPORTANT E-MAIL or IMPORTANT E-MAIL folders.